Digital Innovation and Management MSc

Graduates with a professional or university bachelor’s degree with no specific background can apply online at the IT University of Copenhagen for the restricted competitive admission of the MSc in Digital Innovation & Management.
Skills acquired with this degree will enable graduates with the necessary skills needed in today’s digital age and be fully equipped in digital innovation both in public organisations and private sector. Radically new opportunities will be identified and the creation of bridge building between business goals, actual challenges and technology, will be possible by graduates of the Digital Innovation & Management MSc. The following job possibilities will be available to such graduates:
• Project and Team Manager
• Special advisor in IT and Digitalisation
• Organisational Consultant
• Workflow and Business Process Specialist
• Research and Innovation Specialist
• Business analyst
• Business developer
During the Digital innovation & Management MSc students have a choice of three specializations:
• Global Relations and Network Practices
• Digital Governance and Enterprise Architecture
• Process Innovation and New Business Models
This has to be taken with five mandatory modules:
• Innovation and Technology in Society – analysing of relationship between society and IT innovation with the use of conceptual tools and theoretical perspectives.
• Digital Accountably – tools to understand, identify, act and manage within legal, cultural, ethical and political frameworks surrounding IT.
• Business & Management Foundations – providing graduates with perspectives and tools for management and business.
• Foundation in Developing of IT – participates and understands IT development cycles. Graduates will have fundamental understanding of all aspects in development and building of IT systems.
• Navigating Complexity: Visualization, Mapping and Decision-making equip graduates with practical and analytical tools to visualize and analyse complex knowledge fields. Graduates will be able to cat, communicate and manage constructively in any situation where complex challenges are faced.
• Open Innovation and Design – Knowledge gained on theoretical perspectives and framework for open innovation, practical experience with tools and techniques for open innovation focussing on process design and service.

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