Digital Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs

The Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology established the Digital Innovation Center especially to ensure the success of future digital entrepreneurs and aid them in achieving success. At the DIC they assist with their expertise and knowledge to turn an innovative idea into viable business. Hopeful applicants can apply with a digitally innovative idea at the center and successful applicants will be able to run their digital innovation within two years.
The center’s vision is Arabic digital content and plant ideas to be nurtured with intellectual, financial support and the infrastructure needed. The Mission of the Digital Innovation Centre is regional advancement and increasing digital entrepreneurs graduating there.
College graduates have the opportunity to work together with international experts at the center, to improve lives through digital innovation in the digital age of today. Collaboration and creativity are at the order of the center in various areas including: telecommunication, E-literacy, government, business development, education and healthcare.
The various career opportunities available offer competitive packages, including communication allowances, housing, basic salary, medical benefits, airfares, furniture grant, annual performance bonus, annual leave, end of service benefits and car loans.
Motivated and talented professionals with digital innovation dreams and need a rewarding and challenging career can apply for various open positions such as:
Legal Translator
Dispute Resolution – Lawyer
Engineer DNS/UNIX
Senior Regulatory Expert
Licensing Regulatory Expert
Senior Accountant
Performance and Training section Manager
Section Manager Entrepreneurs Engagement
The center is an equal opportunity employment structure and a complete recruitment process takes 2 – 3 months if all supportive documentation is available. Potential candidates are selected based on experience and qualifications. Short-listed candidates will receive a preliminary telephonic interview and in some cases a written exam is required for assessment of an applicant’s technical ability and skills.
Successful applicants will receive an offer and must produce medical documentation and if from another country, they must have Police Clearance Certificate, Work Visa and copies of their educational certificates.

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