Germany Hosts the sixth Annual Digital Innovators Summit

From 18 – 19 March 2013, Germany hosted the sixth annual digital innovation summit. The digital innovators summit hosted in Germany is an annual event and is an international digital media event bringing together over 400 executives from digital magazine companies, solution providers and technology innovators in understanding emerging trends in digital innovation, gaining exposure to new technologies relevant in the digital age, share innovative solutions, and ideas and to network.
Two major media magazine trade organizations created this annual event in order to assist media developers in developing of better strategies and building better digital media companies. Digital media corporations and executives come together during the summit in sharing their experiences, vision, and insights.
Topics included in the digital innovation summit are:
• New technologies
• Design strategies
• Creative design and experience
• Content production and journalism
• Innovations in magazine media
• Media consumption trends and needs
• Digital commerce
• Digital media
• Social media and discovery
• Mobiles and tablets
• Digital publishing trends
• Paid content
• Digital advertising
• Big data
• Digital content strategies
Over 40 country executives attend the annual event and include Managing directors, CEO’s, marketing and sales, interactive, business development, editors and publishers. Speakers at the digital summit are carefully selected and event organizers review all candidate speakers. The event organizers determine the topics touched and some of the top digital innovation speakers in the world have been invited to speak at this event.
When the digital innovation summit was launched in 2007, it was a small event in order to assist other traditional magazine publishers to come to terms in the evolving digital age and to transform to digital media. During the last couple of years, digital experience and knowledge have grown significantly and digital media companies are a lot more diversified concerning the digital media platform. A much wider audience is since attracted to this annual event in sharing views, ideas, and experiences.

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