Publishers Partner in Digital Innovation Contest

The publishers Constable & Robinson and Harper Collins collaborated with the digital Innovation Contest for 2013. This contest is open to developers and start-ups and the winners of the contest have the opportunity to trail their digital prototypes with the publishers who collaborated in the contest.
IC Tomorrow is the organizers of the event and the main aim of the Technology Strategy Board program is to create new areas for digital innovation in a digital age. It is meant also to drive the digital sector’s economic growth. The sectors being targeted for merging technologies are publishing, TV industries, and advertising. Other parties working alongside the two publishers joined in the sectors are Samsung, Ogilvy and Mather, JCDecaux, Mediacom, Freemantle media UK, and YouTube.
The winners of the contest will be awarded twenty-five thousand pounds in funding that will be used in developing the commercial prototypes. In order to win a partnership with HarperCollins a participant is tasked with the challenge of submitting an innovative idea on the same theme of “Beyond the E-Book.” It is to determine how books are consumed and finding innovative new ideas and services in catering for this audience’s participation and consumption.
The other side of the contest with constable & Robinson is themed “Social and recommendation” and participants are tasked to come up with different ideas surrounding sharing in a commercially focused environment, while creating and sustaining communities around publishing content.
The future of the industries lies in collaborative efforts using strengths of different industries and leveraging their brands in creating an altogether stronger concept. Contestants must bring something innovative and new to the market to target a new audience as well as retaining old consumers. It is to take traditional skills and combine them with digital innovation and technology in order for industries like advertising and publishing not falling behind in the fast-paced world of digital innovation and communication.

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