Study in Denmark

Study in Denmark
Study in Denmark is a great opportunity for students to travel abroad and study at the same time and getting to experience new and different cultures and ways of life. In today’s digital age everybody focuses on Digital Innovation and one of the top courses offered by Denmark University is the Digital Innovation & Management Program.
The digital innovation program will provide students with necessary tools in generating ideas and developing radical new opportunities in today’s complex digital age. Students will have the ability to form new relations between IT, society and people. The ever growing challenges forces people to think in new and creative ways and it is necessary to develop new values and opportunities between organizations and IT.
The MSc in Digital Innovation and Management Program will teach a student how IT works as a catalyst for fundamental change in organizations and society. The use of IT in work processes, structures and organizational strategies. Students will also have a wide perspective on organizational, societal and business opportunities when they create innovation with IT.
It is a two year University Program and English is the tuition language. The Digital Innovation & Management Program is flexible and provides students with solid skill sets while it gives them the opportunity to specialize in their own chosen area. Students use their starting point with their Bachelors’ degree and the choose one of three specializations in Digital Innovation.
Process Innovation and New Business Models – teaches a student how digital technology create new opportunities in redesigning organizational boundaries.
Digital Governance and Enterprise Architecture – enables students to form a relationship between IT governance, Business development and strategy planning in all organizations.
Global Relations and Networked Practices – students will have the tools needed to analyze challenges and create opportunities for organizations and learn to use concepts from organizational studies and anthropology to analyze different global transformations and phenomena connecting to utilization and innovation of IT.

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