Why Belong to a Digital Innovation Group?

There are several large digital innovation groups in the world and this article takes a closer look at them, why they exist and the important role they play in the digital age we all live in.
Georgia Digital Innovation Group is a collaboration of University System of Georgia and Georgia College. Their focus is on the immersion, collaboration and sharing between staff and students, community members, agencies and corporate entities using digital technology and enhancement of learning experiences related to digital innovation. Zoomerang, Apple INC. Wimba and Telestream are some of the associates of Georgia Digital innovation group and they welcome new members to join in their events. Their next event is from May 14 until the 9th of July on the digital innovation of Screenflow 4 on a Mac Operating System.
Enguage Digital Innovation Group prides them of being a full-service marketing agency in the social and digital age. They learn and continue to learn and share innovative projects, both social and digital. Engauge enquiries can be directed online to Jeff Hilimire who is the Chief Digital Officer on the official Engauge web site. They have a very long list of well-known clients including, AMC Theatres, American Electric Power, Cisco, Logitech, Graco, Wells Fargo and more.
The founder of Digital Innovations Group in Richmond, Virginia, is Kate Dunn and this group’s mission is to effectively and innovatively solve business problems through innovative strategy, purposeful creativity and inspired execution. A client of Dig in Virginia will experience profitable revenue growth, increased ROI, faster sales cycles, improved client retention and reduced marketing costs. This group’s area of expertise lies in sales chanelling, campaign tracking, integrated marketing campaigns and web design. Dig is not available for local clients, but as they are an Internet portal, they serve and assist clients globally.

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